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Vehicle maintenance is more than just oil changes and wheel alignments. ASD offers an extensive list of services for your vehicle. For these maintenance services and packages, simply make an appointment and discuss the details of what you need with our service representative. We can also look up the manufacturer recommended services and service interval for your vehicle, and all fluid requirements.




If your brakes squeal, or feel as if they are sticking and cause jerky stops; it may be time for an inspection of your brake system.


Brake Servicing includes:


     - Thorough Brake System Evaluation

     - Brake pad/shoe replacement

     - Rotor/Drum resurfacing or replacement

     - Lubricating and adjusting current parts


Select any of the various part or service options that best fit your financial and vehicle safety needs.

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Engine diagnostics and routine maintenance help keep your engine performing at optimum levels.


It is true that today's engines are designed to travel farther without major maintenance.

However, it is crucial that you adhere to the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule, no matter what your mileage.


The best way to ensure long engine life is to ensure that your engine is serviced on a regular basis.


Our technicians are professionals who understand the complexities of modern automobiles. And we have the latest tools to diagnose your cars maintenance requirements.





Does the handling of your vehicle feel abnormal? We have the solutions!


Snow and ice wreak havoc on the roads, leaving them laden with potholes, the main contributor to the misalignment of your wheels.


Misaligned wheels can reduce the life of your tires by causing uneven tread wear and potentially lead to uneven and hazardous wear on other supporting parts. All of the above can lead to unnecessary repairs and costs.


Properly aligned wheels improve driver safety, enhance your driving control, increase fuel efficiency and maximize tire life. Save not only your tires but your wallet before it’s too late!



  • We keep up-to-date with the latest technology by continuously updating our equipment and employee training

  • We are an Independent Family run Business, so no "Big Guy Bullying Tactics"

  • We offer full mechanical and electrical repairs and diagnostics under one roof

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For Auto Repair Brake Repair and Service or Oil change and Maintenance or any other service please contact us at Tel: 604-436-5221

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