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About Us


We are a independent, Family run Full Automotive Repair shop. Finding the best deals on parts, having the latest equipment and guaranteeing our work allows us to relieve your headache and make your experience a lot more enjoyable. 


Because we are independent we can purchase and install any brand of part you want. We are not limited to any one brand or make of parts. 


We always recommend you use premium parts for all your Auto Repair needs.

Our Services


- Emergency Repairs

- Diesel Engine Repair

​- Regular Vehicle Diagnostics & Repair

- Vehicle Engine Scan

- Vehicle pre-purchase inspections

- Regular Tune - ups

- Oil Changes and Maintenance

- Tires sales and installation

- Tire repair and Balance

- Cooling system Repair & Service

- Brake replacement and Repairs

- Engine & Transmission replacement

- Steering and Suspension service

- 3D Wheel Alignments

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